Is competing for you?

Lets talk about competing, It seems like everyone is in this competing 'bandwagon'. It might seem fun and glamorous to be on stage, showing off your muscles and just having fun. Yes, the brief moment that you're on stage, its all fun and games, you feel a rush of adrenaline rushing through your veins, you feel like you're on top of the world.

But what you don't know before you get into competing or preparing for a competition, is the stress ; emotional, physical and mental. It's not as easy as it looks, oh it definitely isn't as easy as it looks. Many of you might think you can just decide one day that you want to compete and then start competition prep the next day of the next week. No it's definitely not that simple. Before i starting my prep, i have already thought about competing for about nearly a year. I was skinny and i mean skinny.

I had to bulk up, A LOT, to gain more muscle mass because if i were to start prepping, i would look like a scrawny bitch on stage. It would be easy but as a kid struggling with bulimia, it was hard to bulk up, to see your body gaining mass, being bigger than you've ever been. I wanted to cry, i avoided mirrors, i dont care to dress up and i wasnt loving myself. Everytime i sit down, i feel rolls on my tummy and i feel frustrated ALL THE TIME. My friends kept asking me 'why are you so big all of a sudden?", " wah you're so fat now'. It wasn't pleasant....

This was how i look before i started my 16 weeks. After bulking and feeling fat all the time,

Then the day to finally start prepping came, I can finally start dropping my calories and of course i thought that i would see results as soon as i dropped my calories. But nooooooo, that wasn't the case.

Everyday, was so gruelling, i was juggling between school, work and and prep. I was just started University too. So i didn't know what i had gotten myself into. Waking up at 5am to do my fasted cardio, prepping my meals and going to school, and then working till 11pm and THEN i still had to complete my training. By the halfway mark, i was almost ready to give up. But i'm a perfectionist, i don't want to leave anything uncompleted. So i bit the bullet and went on with my life and prep. Some days were harder than most, believe me. Everyday i ask myself why was i doing this to myself, I LOVE FOOD but i could only smell them not eat them.

As the weeks pass, i started to see results, my discipline paid off, all the blood sweats and tears, YES LITERALLY, didn't go to waste. There are days where you don't even feel like going to the gym, or doing your fasted cardio. There are days you just want to eat everything in sight, but there are also days where you feel like you can kill your workout.

Let me just give you a heads up, there will be times where you feel like your progress has hit a plateau, you will want to start doing things differently just to have more progress, like ramping up your cardio and decreasing your food intake. DON'T. Just trust the process. you will get there.

Nearing the end, you would be too tired to interact with anyone, to take shit from anyone. You're cranky, you're tired, you're hungry, you're broke ( because lets face it, competing is EXPENSIVE) , you're stress and you have no social life. Well congratulations, you're almost done with prep! In a few more days its time to show off your hard work on stage!

Yes the journey is tough, but if you think that you can handle it, that you want to take up the challenge to improve yourself , GO FOR IT AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

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